Need a Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Give These Home Remedies a Shot

For anyone that has suffered from the painful symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome, you know the common medical recommendations of applying cold compresses to the affected wrist, taking an anti-inflammatory medication and trying to avoid using said wrist if possible. However, it is not always easy to follow this advice when medication can hinder daily chores like driving or operating equipment necessary for work. It is also not easy to avoid activities that commonly cause the condition’s attacks, including typing and other repetitive actions, when this is necessary for work related activities that are necessary.

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Here are some simple home remedies that have been reported to show promising signs of reducing the pain, swelling and other symptoms that may be common with a flare up. Most of these can be implemented relatively easily into any daily regimen that you may have.

  1. Adding foods and dietary enzyme supplements to your daily diet, that contain bromelain, can help to get relief from carpal tunnel and, in most cases, keep future attacks under control. Bromelain can help to reduce tissue swelling that occurs when a person suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome. Foods such as pineapple, papaya and kiwi fruit are rich in bromelain; this can easily be included into most diets with further disruption to caloric intake or other limitations that you may be following.
  2. Increasing your Vitamin C intake is considered to be one of the most promising aides when trying to alleviate pain from carpal tunnel syndrome. Vitamin C is credited for decreasing swelling and rejuvenating health to injured tissue.
  3. Massaging the arm, forearm, wrist and hand of the arm that is subjected to carpal tunnel syndrome can effectively help to treat the pain and swelling. Using herbal massage oil can provide even more promising results.
  4. Yoga can help to ease your symptoms from this painful syndrome by increasing the circulation of blood throughout your body and creating a healing effect during the process.
  5. Soak your sore wrist in a solution of hot water and Epsom salt for 3 minutes. The water should be as hot as possible within tolerable conditions. You will then need to soak the wrist in a cold water solution for 30 seconds afterwards.

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